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When it comes to introducing new technology, we’ve always been proud to be the leader in this region. Often times, that technology is one that is exclusively offered at The Eye MDs. Currently, the Vivity IOL is one such technology.

The Vivity IOL is an extended vision intraocular lens implant that can provide an extended range of vision after cataract surgery, and thus, less dependence on glasses.  Alcon describes it as “a first-of-its-kind, non-diffractive lens that offers a continuous extended range of vision while maintaining a low incidence of visual disturbances, like a monofocal IOL.

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Freedom From Glasses After Cataract Surgery.

Vivity IOLs mean less dependence on glasses or contacts after cataract surgery. This new technology for cataract surgery, which we were proud to introduce to the area, is now available locally at George, Strickler and Lazer, The Eye MDs. We strive to offer our patients the most up-to-date, cutting edge technology. We offer a variety of advanced technology lens implants for cataract surgery and help patients choose the one that best fits their needs and desires.

The non-diffractive Vivity IOL is a UV-absorbing and foldable intraocular lens (IOL). This IOL, compared to a monofocal IOL, provides an extended range of vision from distance to near without increasing the incidence of visual disturbances.

Designed for Everyday Activities

The Vivity IOL is perfect for intermediate distances, like what you would expect at a computer desk, and they don’t cause rings and halos at night like other diffractive or multifocal IOLs.

Call today for a consultation to decide if the Vivity IOL is a good option for your vision needs!