Corneal Disease

The cornea is the transparent front part of the eye. It is not only a clear window through which light passes, but it also provides most of the focusing power of the eye. Any disease process that affects the clarity or shape of the cornea will cause blurring of vision. There are many corneal disease processes that can affect your vision:

Fuch’s Dystrophy (Loss of corneal clarity of both eyes due to degeneration of endothelial cell layer of cornea)

Keratoconus (A progressive thinning of the cornea that leads to distortion of the cornea’s shape)

Severe Dry Eyes

Keratitis (Inflammation of the cornea due to viral or bacterial infection)

Edema (Swelling of cornea – multiple causes)

Ulcer (Bacterial infections)

Hereditary Dystrophies

Corneal Abrasion or Erosion (Loss of the corneal surface due to prior trauma)

Pterygium (growth of vascular conjunctiva over the clear cornea)

A close up of an eye with the reflection of trees in it.

At The Eye MDs, our doctors are experts in diagnosing and treating corneal diseases. Some disease processes, like infections or inflammatory problems, can be treated with eye drops. Others may require surgical treatment by a corneal specialist to restore the clarity of the cornea and improve vision.