Customized Cataract Surgery

A cataract is a clouding or discoloration of the eye’s lens. Thus, when a cataract is removed, the surgeon is actually removing the lens of the eye. After the cataract is removed, the surgeon places an artificial lens into the eye to help it focus; this is called an intraocular lens implant (IOL). Implants have become the standard of care and they are placed in all cataract patients unless there is some unusual reason an implant cannot be used. Choosing the right implant can make all the difference in the world regarding the patient’s visual outcome.

Normal lens above, clouded and discolored cataract lens below.

Two different shapes of a pill are shown.


The Eye MDs offer Zeiss IOL Master Technology, which provides extremely accurate measurement of the eye and multiple implant calculations that enable our physicians to select the best implant power for each individual. All cataract patients also undergo corneal analysis to help determine the exact focusing power and measure astigmatism. This advanced diagnostic equipment enables our doctors to provide customized cataract surgery, as every eye has specific optical requirements to optimize vision.


A computer and keyboard on top of a desk.
Zeiss IOLMaster 700
A computer monitor and keyboard on top of a desk.
Galilei Corneal Analyzer

Cataract Surgery Options

Patients also have the opportunity to choose from several surgical options. With a basic implant, the vision is focused at a single point in the distance and glasses are required to have a full range of vision. Now, patients can choose Advanced Technology Intraocular Lens implants (ATIOLs) that can provide a full range of vision from distance to near, thus reducing the need to wear glasses. Additionally, patients with astigmatism (distortion of focus because the cornea is not spherical) can choose to have their astigmatism reduced with a laser or an implant that reduces astigmatism called a toric implant. The Eye MDs uniquely offer Laser-assisted Cataract Surgery in our region, providing laser-precision surgery for patients that choose ATIOLs or astigmatism reduction. At The Eye MDs, our doctors can help you decide on the best surgical option to fit your personal needs and desires. We truly customize cataract surgery for every patient.


Laser-assisted cataract surgery and advanced technology implants are not covered by insurance as they are considered cosmetic surgery. You can use your Flex Spending Account to help cover these additional costs ; this saves you money by using pretax dollars. Financing can often be arranged for those who qualify by Care Credit. Contact us today to learn more about payment options.

  • State-of-the-art diagnostic technology to determine the best implant power.
  • Advanced technology implants can provide a full range of vision without glasses and/or treat astigmatism.
  • Surgery is customized to each individual’s visual needs and desires.