Corneal Surgery

The cornea is the clear dome that is the front of the eye. It also provides most of the focusing power of the eye. Any disease process that affects the clarity or shape of the cornea will cause blurred or distorted vision. Corneal surgery restores the clarity of the cornea or changes its shape to adjusting its focusing power. Most corneal surgeries are done by a corneal specialist.

Common corneal surgeries include:

Full thickness corneal transplants to replace the cloudy or distorted cornea (also called a Penetrating Keratoplasty)

Partial thickness transplants of the cornea such as transplanting the endothelial cell layer to treat Fuch’s Corneal Dystrophy (DSEK or DMEK)

Removal of Pterygium (conjunctival growth over the cornea)

A close up of an eye with the pupil and iris taken.

At The Eye MDs, our doctors are experts in corneal diseases. Some disease processes require surgical treatment to restore the clarity of the cornea and improve vision. Cornea surgery is currently only available locally at our surgery center, The Physicians Outpatient Surgery Center, Lt. in Belpre, OH. Dr. Heather Skeens is a corneal specialist who sees patients in our Parkersburg office and performs corneal surgery at our surgery center in Belpre. These surgeries include corneal transplants, DSEK and DMEK; all done locally at The Physicians Outpatient Surgery Center, Ltd.