New Medication Dispensary Now Open
Dispensary for Eye Medications – Convenience for You!
The Eye MDs are now dispensing most of the eye drops and eye medications needed by our patients. Our dispensary is not a pharmacy as we cannot fill prescriptions from any other doctors, but we are able to dispense prescription medications to our own patients. This service is a great convenience for our patients. Now, you can get your prescription eye medications while you are still in the office and save a trip to your pharmacy. We can bill many third party medication insurances for your prescriptions just like they do at the local pharmacy. We hope to save you time and possibly some money as we competitive price our medications. 
Call in advance and we can have your refills ready for you when you arrive.
Our dispensary is located at our Parkersburg office facility.  We will do our very best to make your eye care as convenient as possible!