Age-related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) is the leading cause of visual impairment and blindness for patients over 65 years of age in the US.  The results of a 10 year National Eye Institute sponsored study of 4,757 patients were released in Archives of Ophthalmology.*  This study showed that patients at risk for developing advanced stages of ARMD lowered their risk about 25% by taking the high-dose antioxidant/zinc combination when compared to placebos.
The data from this study shows a significantly reduced risk of progression to advanced ARMD for patients in categories 3 and 4 with the use of Zinc alone or a combination of Zinc and antioxidants.  For categories 3 and 4, the overall risk reduction for zinc alone was 21%, antioxidants alone was 17% and the antioxidants plus zinc was 25%.  The combination of zinc and antioxidants was the only group showing a statistically significant reduction in rates of at least moderate visual loss.
This study suggests persons older than 55 years of age should have an eye exam to determine their level of risk.  Those patients at risk for ARMD disease progression (those having extensive intermediate drusen, at least one large drusen, noncentral geographic atrophy, or advanced disease in one eye with visual loss) should consider taking a supplement of antioxidants and zinc.  It is important to note that smokers should NOT take the beta-carotene due to an increased risk of lung cancer.
Visit the National Eye Institute web site for more in depth information regarding this study.
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*A randomized, placebo-controlled , clinical trial of high-dose supplementation with vitamins C and E, beta carotene, and zinc for age related macular degeneration and vision loss:  AREDS report No. 8. Archives Ophthalmol. 2001;119:1417-1436