Our Focus is Your Vision
If you are under 50
Are you unhappy with your vision?  Consider LASIK.  We have been performing LASIK surgery for many years and our LASIK patients are amongst the most happiest of all.  LASIK can reduce or eliminate your need for glasses. Patients planing a LASIK evaluation should stay out of their contact lenses for at least two weeks prior to their appointment.
If you are over 50
After the age of 50, we have already noticed the slow decline in our near vision.  We can no longer focus up close like we had in the past.  Bifocals or reading glasses come to our rescue, but they are a hassle.  One alternative to consider is a Refractive Lens Exchange.  This surgical procedure removes the lens of the eye (which can no longer accommodate for near vision) and then place an advanced technology implant lens to restore some accommodation. The advanced technology implants can give good distant and intermediate vision (computer distance) but the near vision may only allow reading of normal sized print.  Reading small print or prolonged reading may still require glasses.
Nevertheless, a Refractive Lens Exchange can provide freedom from glasses for most tasks.