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Todd Burdette, Au.D.
Todd S Burdette, Au.D.
Dr. Todd Burdette joined The Eye MDs' Hearing Center professional team in July of 2017. Dr. Burdette obtained his Doctorate of Audiology from Salus University, School of Audiology in Pennsylvania. He attended West Virginia University for his Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Audiology.  Dr. Burdette brings to The Hearing Center over 17 years of clinical experience providing professional and caring services to those with hearing loss.  
Dr. Burdette provides a wide array of professional services including:  complete hearing evaluations, confidential review of patient case history, otoscopic examinations, audiometric evaluations, speech understanding evaluations, review and explanation of findings, hearing instrument recommendations and selections (if appropriate), counseling, and instruction to patients, family members and health care professionals.   He dedicates 100% of his time, knowledge and experience to our patients as the Director of Hearing Services at The Doctor's Hearing Center.
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